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INTERPHEX 2019 Keynote Series Presents Panel Discussion on OSD Continuous Manufacturing

April 02, 2019

Educational sessions on the INTERPHEX show floor will include a panel discussion on implementing continuous manufacturing.

INTERPHEX 2019 Keynote Series Presents Session on 3D Printing in Pharma

April 02, 2019

3D printing offers a new design freedom for bio/pharmaceutical manufacturing: whether for “printing” a solid-dosage drug or for creating a piece of equipment for bio/pharmaceutical laboratories or manufacturing facilities.

PAT From a Small-Molecule Vantage Point

December 01, 2017

BioPharm International

Small-molecule therapeutics can also benefit from the implementation of PAT in the manufacturing process.

NJII and Rutgers University to Form the New Jersey Continuous Manufacturing Institute

October 18, 2017

The partnership and the formation of the institute intend to bring together industry, academia, and regulators to tackle challenges and provide solutions for continuous manufacturing.

Lonza Completes Capsugel Acquisition

July 06, 2017

A $5.5 billion acquisition brings Capsugel’s oral dosage delivery capabilities to Lonza’s portfolio.

Update on Continuous Bioprocessing: From the Industry’s Perception to Reality

June 01, 2017

BioPharm International

Although widespread adoption of continuous bioprocessing has been slow, some processes have been an exception.

Efficient Manufacturing Critical for Accelerated Drug Development

June 01, 2017

BioPharm International

Approval of breakthrough therapies requires expedited quality assessment.

HPLE Sugars Improve Stability and Drug Product

October 01, 2016

B. Thiyagarajan

BioPharm International

High-purity low-endotoxin sugars improve robustness and stability of protein formulation and improve drug product quality.

New Drug-Delivery Methods: From Concept to Patient

October 01, 2016

BioPharm International

Challenging molecules and markets are driving the development of new solutions for drug delivery.

Are Oral Peptide Drugs on the Horizon?

July 14, 2016

A new study examines the oral delivery of protein drugs in plant cells and hypothesizes that the cold storage and transportation of biologics could someday be eliminated.