Jim Miller

PharmSource Information Services


Jim Miller is president of PharmSource Information Services, Inc., and publisher of Bio/Pharmaceutical Outsourcing Report.


CDMOs Driving Emerging Bio/Pharma Success

CDMOs can claim credit for the robust growth of emerging bio/pharma financings.

What to Watch for in 2018

The industry will see an impact from financing, M&As, advanced therapies, generic drugs, and the retail market in 2018.

Contract Manufacturing Through the Years

How has the bio/pharmaceutical contract manufacturing industry evolved and changed over the years and what does the future hold?

CMOs and CROs Have Different Trajectories

CMOs may be gaining as strategic partners to large bio/pharma companies, but they have a much harder path to navigate.

Five Themes That Will Drive the CMO Industry

CMO executives are focusing on M&A activity, new business models, and fundraising limits.

Innovation vs. Capacity: How CMOs Compete

The strategies of a innovation-driven CMO may be different than a capacity-driven CMO.