Capsugel Completes New Spray-Dried Dispersion Manufacturing Facility

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The new facility expands the company’s commercial manufacturing capability at its Bend, Ore. site.

Capsugel announced that it has completed construction of a new pharmaceutical spray-dried dispersion (SDD) commercial manufacturing facility at its site in Bend, Ore. This marks the final phase of a two-year, $25 million investment to expand Capsugel’s commercial SDD capability at the site.

Bend Research, a division of Capsugel Dosage Form Solutions, specializes in SDD technology and has formulated more than 1,000 compounds. Since acquiring Bend Research, Capsugel has added two commercial-scale spray dryers, bringing the total number of commercial-scale units on its Bend campus to three.

The new units use innovative dryer design and manufacturing plant technology to offer a significantly improved product throughput that minimizes cycle times and maximizes productivity. The newest unit, which is designed to accommodate high-potency compounds, will become fully operational later this year.

SDD technology, which includes hot-melt-extruded amorphous dispersions, lipid-based formulations and nanoparticle technologies, is used enhance a drug’s bioavailability and enable the delivery of challenging molecules. Capsugel offers a broad range of development solutions as well as commercial manufacturing capabilities for the delivery of medicines and nutritionals.


Bend Research is Capsugel’s center of excellence for bioavailability enhancement, modified release, other technology platforms and pharmaceutical R&D. The expanded facility, which has already created more than 20 new jobs in the past year, is expected to create an additional 20 full-time positions in the second half of 2015 and is designed to accommodate future capacity additions.

Source: Capsugel