It’s Time to Listen to Science

August 01, 2020

Time sure flies, except when you are waiting for something to happen.

Commentary: A Competitive Marketplace for Biosimilars

May 05, 2020

FDA/FTC collaborate to end false and misleading statements and discuss the future of biosimilars at March 2020 public workshop on a competitive marketplace for biosimilars.

How Fast Is Too Fast?

May 01, 2020

BioPharm International

Will moving at “warp speed” to develop a vaccine impact efficacy or safety?

Starting a Career in the Bio/Pharmaceutical Industry

May 01, 2020

BioPharm International

Having a better understanding about compliance will be of benefit when looking for a job or for furthering one’s career, says Siegfried Schmitt, PhD, vice-president, technical, Parexel Consulting.

The Design Driver for Biosimilar Adoption

April 08, 2020

Industry opportunities are increasing for biosimilars, but companies should pay close attention to delivery device design to facilitate success.

Keeping Aggregation Under Control

April 07, 2020

Characterizing and controlling protein aggregation is vital to ensure safety and efficacy of a biopharmaceutical product. In this interview, important aspects of protein aggregation and the tools available to address this issue are discussed.

Coronavirus Response: Reaction or New Reality?

March 01, 2020

BioPharm International

Emergency actions to protect patients and the drug supply may have long-term implications.

The Call for a Rapid Response

February 01, 2020

BioPharm International

Bio/pharma researchers mobilize to diagnose and treat patients in pandemic threat.

Fighting the Good Fight

December 01, 2019

BioPharm International

Nearly four decades after the first diagnosis, the fight to treat HIV/AIDs continues.

Breaking the Drug Shortage Cycle

November 01, 2019

BioPharm International

FDA report says drug shortages are underappreciated and patients pay a price.