BASF Introduces Suite of Formulation Solutions During CPhI

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The company presented a portfolio of new products during the meeting in Madrid.

BASF announced the availability of new products and services during the CPhI Worldwide meeting on Oct. 13, 2015. The new offerings include five market platforms focused on formulation, which BASF said in a press release will help its customers “improve the efficacy, bioavailabilty, and compliance of pharmaceutical products.” The solutions include instant and modified release excipients; solubilization products and technologies for poorly soluble drugs; APIs for soft gels; formulations to address topical delivery challenges; and ingredients for protein formulation and cell-culture applications.

In addition, BASF showcased some other important company initiatives and products related to formulation management, such as the introduction of a new solution for Kollicoat IR, its offering for the formulation of perioxide-sensitive APIs. The company also launched AvaPur, its new resin that is capable of removing host-cell proteins and capturing and purifying antibodies in one step. Lastly, BASF will begin granting marketing licenses for its co-crystal patents of APIs, which are said to improve the physicochemical properties of APIs through improved water solubility, bioavailability, stability, and hygroscopicity.


Source: BASF