Manufacturing Equipment, Biologics

Points to Consider for Continuous Downstream Bioprocessing

August 01, 2020

It is critical to evaluate specific considerations, from design to application, for the benefit of downstream bioprocessing and manufacturing.

Ori Biotech and CellGenix Collaborate on Closed-System, Cell and Gene Therapy Manufacturing

May 18, 2020

Ori Biotech is partnering with manufacturers and materials suppliers to develop an automated system for cell and gene therapy manufacturing.

Fluid Handling Considerations

May 01, 2020

BioPharm International

Pumps and other components meet the demands of single-use systems in biopharmaceutical downstream processing.

Sartorius Launches New Automated Single-Use Bioproduction Platform

March 09, 2020

The new BIOSTAT STR Generation 3 with BIOBRAIN bioproduction platform offers process intensification with automated feed and bleed and integrated cell retention functionality.

Flexible Facilities for Viral Vector Manufacturing

March 02, 2020

BioPharm International

Single-use and modular systems will meet demand for rapid implementation at different scales.

MabPlex Launches New 2000-L Cell Culture Production Lines

February 27, 2020

The expansion gives the company diversified capacity running cell production lines featuring Sartorius-brand 2000-L disposable bioreactors and now GE-brand 2000-L single-use bioreactors.

Single-Use Bioreactors: To Scale Up or Scale Out?

January 01, 2020

BioPharm International

Industry experts debate the pros and cons of “going bigger” than the 2000-L industry norm in a single vessel.

AI Enables Supply-Chain Visibility

October 01, 2019

Cloudleaf's Digital Visibility Platform can track which track location and additional environmental information, such as temperature, vibration, and shock, of sensors placed on raw material containers.

ABEC Launches 6000-L Single-Use Bioreactor

September 11, 2019

The company’s Custom Single Run product line now has available bioreactors with working volumes of up to 6000 L.

Parker Bioscience Filtration Expands Single-Use System Facility in UK

August 19, 2019

The Birtley, UK facility added cleanroom, manufacturing, and testing facilities for biopharma manufacturing single-use systems.