Purolite and Repligen Launch New Affinity Resin

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Purolite and Repligen have commercially launched a new CH1 affinity resin for the purification of specialized mAbs.

On Feb. 6, 2024, Purolite, an Ecolab company and a manufacturer of synthetic and agarose-based bioprocessing resins, and Repligen announced that they have commercially launched Praesto CH1, a new 70 μm (micron) agarose-based affinity resin designed. The resin is designed to purify specialized monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) such as bispecifics and recombinant antibody fragments.

This latest innovation was developed for commercialization by Purolite under a multi-year strategic partnership with Repligen. The innovation combines Purolite’s manufacturing process for its patented Jetted beads with Repligen’s ligand technology. The goal is to address previously unmet challenges in specialized mAb purification.

The new CH1 purification resin strengthens Purolite’s current protein A resin portfolio as it has been shown to demonstrate high selectivity for antibodies and related fragments containing the human first-constant domain of the heavy chain, or the CH1 domain. According to a company press release, this characteristic allows for the capture of bispecific antibodies and antibody fragments, as well as the removal of mis-paired species. The new CH1 resin thus offers an effective alternative for the purification of antibody variants when protein A resins are not suitable, according to the release.

“The launch of Praesto CH1 represents the latest offering in Purolite’s growing innovation toolbox for the purification of biologics. Our strategic partnership with Repligen brings leading technologies together to unlock new purification strategies that address our customers’ increasingly diverse biotherapeutic molecules, and the unique purification challenges that these can present,” said Jennifer Sorrells, vice-president of Research and Development, Purolite, in the release.


“It’s fantastic to see the Praesto CH1 resin come to market through our partnership with the Purolite team … This cross-linked agarose-based resin was specifically and successfully engineered for high dynamic binding capacity to the CH1 region of antigen-binding fragments from human immunoglobins (IgGs) and monoclonal antibodies (mAbs), and we believe it is particularly well positioned for market success,” said Ralf Kuriyel, senior vice-president of Research and Development, Repligen in the release.

Source: Purolite