Sartorius and Emerson Collaborate to Expedite New Therapies to Market

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The bioreactors can integrate with Emerson’s DeltaV PK Controller in addition to S-Series and M-Series controllers.

Emerson announced on August 3, 2023 that it is collaborating with Sartorius to integrate Sartorius’s Biostat STR Generation 3 family of bioreactors with Emerson’s DeltaV distributed control system (DCS). According to the company press release, the Biostat STR Generation 3 for Emerson’s DeltaV, a variant of the Biostat STR Generation 3 family, is a pre-engineered solution that delivers intuitive connectivity for accelerating the process of bringing therapies to market.

“One of the biggest barriers to fast delivery of new treatments is the time it takes to connect new equipment to the plant’s control system,” said Nathan Pettus, president of Emerson’s process systems and solutions business, in a press release. “Working closely with Sartorius to seamlessly incorporate our DeltaV technologies and software into Sartorius bioreactors, we jointly have made one of the most critical components of biopharmaceutical manufacturing ready to connect out of the box for faster speed-to-market.”


The bioreactors can integrate with Emerson’s DeltaV PK Controller in addition to S-Series and M-Series controllers. Further, built-in templates can provide standardized configurations for the most common uses, which allow teams to use standard setups to bring operations to a safer, quicker shift for market needs.

“The biopharmaceutical industry requires modular and scalable bioprocess equipment to help quickly and easily manufacture the treatments patients around the world are waiting for,” said Mario Becker, head of bioreactor technologies at Sartorius, in a press release. “By integrating Emerson software and technology into our new Biostat STR DeltaV variant, we help our customers rapidly bring their operations online while also maintaining flexibility, scalability, and the current Good Manufacturing Practice strategies that are critical to delivering high-quality treatments.”

The goal of the easy configuration and integration of the Biostat STR Generation 3 bioreactors is intended to help manufacturers build a connected plant. Additionally, increased access to advanced automation strategies and diagnostics from the DeltaV DCS help manufacturing plants, as well.

Source: Emerson