Susan Haigney

Susan Haigney is managing editor of BioPharm International,


BIO 2024: Impact of Biosecure Act on the Pharma Industry

Pharmaceutical Technology® spoke with Parviz Shamlou, senior vice-president of Science and Technology, Abzena, about the impact of the Biosecure Act on the bio/pharmaceutical industry, as well as the progress of continuous manufacturing in biopharma.

BIO 2024: Robotics in Sterile Processing

BioPharm International® spoke with Jeff Clement, executive director of Technical Sales for Development and Manufacturing Group at PCI Pharma Services, about the challenges and benefits of incorporating robotics into aseptic manufacturing

BIO 2024: Sustainability Goals Impacting Biopharma

BioPharm International® spoke with Stacey Treichler, senior director of Marketing and Strategy for Purolite at Ecolab, about the impact of advanced therapies, new innovations, and sustainability on the biopharmaceutical industry.