Perspectives on Outsourcing

Developments in the Biopharmaceutical Outsourcing Industry

November 01, 2019

BioPharm International

Contract manufacturers are making strategic partnerships and expanding services in the last quarter of 2019.

Biologics Continue to Grow and Create Outsourcing Opportunities

September 01, 2019

BioPharm International

CDMOs are adding facilities and services to their portfolios in anticipation of the biologics industry’s continued growth.

Gene Therapies Propel Outsourcing Investment

July 01, 2019

BioPharm International

The increasing growth in the cell- and gene-therapy markets is inspiring CDMOs to expand their services in this emerging biologic drug arena.

Bioprocessing Facilities and FDA Inspection Problems

May 01, 2019

BioPharm International

FDA inspections can create uncertainty. Supervision of the contract manufacturer is crucial in ensuring compliance.

CMOs Leading the Way on Single-Use Systems Adoption

March 01, 2019

BioPharm International

Single-use systems can be a cost savings for CMOs, and these savings can be passed on to clients and, ultimately, to patients.

The Outlook for CMO Outsourcing in 2019

January 01, 2019

BioPharm International

Outsourcing of manufacturing activities is expected to increase in 2019.

Single-Use Bioprocessing Equipment Trends and Adoption by CMOs

November 01, 2018

BioPharm International

The growth in adoption of single-use systems for commercial manufacturing will be dramatic in coming years.

Biopharma Demand Continues to Influence CMO Actions

September 01, 2018

BioPharm International

Partnerships, mergers, and new services indicate that biologics are continuing to influence CMOs’ and CDMOs’ decisions to expand their biopharmaceutical services.

Fifteen Years of Progress: Biopharmaceutical Industry Survey Results

July 01, 2018

BioPharm International

This article highlights 15 years of changes in biopharmaceutical manufacturing.

CMOs Expand Manufacturing Capacities

June 01, 2018

BioPharm International

New and expanded facilities point to the continuing growth of the biopharmaceutical industry.