BioPharm International-03-01-2004

The European Union requires final container testing of US-manufactured biopharmaceutical products to be performed in Europe for release into the European market. Similarly, but less strictly enforced, the US requires final container testing in the US for European-manufactured biopharmaceutical products before release.

Biopharmaceuticals currently account for 34% of Japan's $12 billion biotech market. Technology partnerships and increased R&D are the keys to further growth.

In early November 2003, Wyeth BioPharma, headquartered in Andover, MA, hosted the quarterly meeting of the BioPharma Operations Excellence Consortium. Approximately 50 people representing over 15 companies attended this first meeting of the consortium's newly established East Coast chapter.

Compliance Concerns

March 01, 2004

It is not likely that you will ever personally design and build a cleanroom; however, you may be responsible for the care and upkeep of many.

Using disposable components for bioprocessing can reduce costs and complexity and may play an increasing role in large-scale biopharmaceutical manufacturing.

On March 25, 2004 Centocor will host the first meeting of the European chapter in Leiden, Holland. Wyeth BioPharma and Genzyme have co-sponsored the establishment of this European group; other leading companies - such as Lonza Biologics, Celltech, and Baxter Bioscience - have joined the forum.

Regional Roundup: Pennsylvania

Rising healthcare costs and the pressure to expand medical coverage focus public attention on medicine outlays.

Site Expansion

March 01, 2004

Regional Roundup: Delaware

Experimenting with a rival?s patented compound may land you in hot water.

Columns and Departments

March 01, 2004

Technology partnerships don?t guarantee soaring stock prices.