Using AI for CAPA Root Cause Investigation with Sue Marchant

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Sponsored Podcast

Sue Marchant, director of product at MasterControl, will discuss how AI technology is helping pharmaceutical companies address CAPA and root cause investigations. The CAPA process has historically been more corrective than preventive, hard to track and implemented without context. During the podcast, we will be discussing the options available today to connect quality data and subsequently what problems can be solved using AI. These technologies will turn the tables making CAPA more preventive than corrective with the ability to track process in real time and understand the contributing factors and considerations surrounding an event. Additionally, Marchant will explain how AI combines and analyzes data, pinpoints relationships, and provides valuable process improvement. Companies should not be intimidated or hesitant about implementing AI technology. Today’s technology has AI capabilities embedded in the software to accelerate AI development. Companies no longer need specialists to get started and take advantage of the benefits.

If you are interested in learning more about the advancement of AI and the practical uses for pharmaceutical companies, please download our recent webinar here.