Single Use Support


Webinar: Reinventing Aseptic Aliquoting in Biopharma

Learn about advanced fluid management technologies that increase safety and process efficiency at all volumes, such as ATMP aliquoting, bulk media and buffer addition, seed train intensification, high-volume bacterial fermentation, and more.

The One Process Solution for Small Volumes

Our single-use technologies and sterile consumables come with the flexibility required for fast turnaround times in advanced therapeutic approaches & the handling of small volumes down to 1mL. This includes the areas of aliquotation & filtration, controlled freezing & thawing and all required logistic steps.

“Bestsellers”: Controlled Filling & Freezing of Cells

Fluid and cold chain management for cell-based therapies can be complex. Process steps are often performed manual and therefore prone to inefficiencies and increased product loss. And poor freezing technologies reduce cell viability. Advanced process solutions for cell culture freezing, cell banking and cell therapy help you get the best cells possible.

eBook: Advancing ATMP Fluid Management

The manufacturing and logistics processes for small volumes of ATMPs are complex, and there are still weaknesses, particularly in the areas of inter-site transportation, aseptic aliquotation and cryopreservation. All process steps in fluid and cold chain management require robustness, ease of use, sterility and fast handling.

Go With The Flow: How sustainable is the trend toward single-use systems

Speed-to-market, flexibility and process efficiency are more important than ever in biopharmaceutical production. And so is the importance of single-use systems. Single Use Support enables innovative process solutions around aseptic fluid management and improves aseptic liquid transfer in various manufacturing facilities. And yet there is hesitation.Dr. Lorenzo De Benedictis provides insights and outlook on the future of single-use systems in Biopharma.