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Intact mass analysis of monoclonal antibody charge variants

This note demonstrates identification of Infliximab charge variants from intact mass analysis enabled by two-dimensional liquid chromatography

Media and feed development: A step-by-step guide to workflow optimization

Cell culture media is a foundational component of any biotherapeutic manufacturing workflow, crucial for maintaining cellular health and viability, maximizing titers, and supporting high product quality. As such, building a biotherapeutic manufacturing process with an optimized basal medium and feed system is vital to achieving optimal results and accelerating the speed-to-market of your product. However, the process of finding the most suitable basal medium and supplementation strategy can be challenging, as it requires balancing many key cell culture process variables to achieve specific technical goals within budget and time constraints. This guide will provide an insight into each development stage and offer best practices to help you achieve your project goals on time and within budget.

Increasing throughput of native SEC-MS using tandem UHPLC

This customer note demonstrates the implementation of native SEC-MS using the Vanquish Duo UHPLC system.

Optimized One-Pot Single-Cell Proteomics Workflow: Maximize a Combination of High-Confidence Coverage and Throughput

With advances in the technologies used in LC-MS-based proteomics workflows, sensitive, reproducible, and efficient single-cell proteomics is now possible. Learn about these advances and how they work in concert to maximize the combination of protein and peptide identifications and sample throughput.

Size exclusion chromatography to determine AAV titers

This customer note will demonstrate the suitability of SEC for a fast and reproducible evaluation of adeno-associated virus (AAV) product titers

Metabolite Monitoring with Ramina Process Analyzer

Discover how the Ramina Process Analyzer integrates with the 500L HyPerforma DynaDrive bioreactor to perform accurate in-line measurements and prediction models.

Readying Biologics for Commercialization

Given the risks and opportunities inherent in drug development, choosing the right late-phase strategy to optimize timelines and capacity, while remaining flexible enough for changing market conditions, presents a significant challenge to companies developing and commercializing biopharmaceutical products. This piece highlights new technologies and strategies to reduce risk and execute consistently.

New Developments in Mass Spectrometry-Based Single-Cell Proteomics

Fri, Oct 21, 2022 11:00 AM EDT Learn how Karl Mechtler has developed an end-to-end workflow to efficiently prepare and analyze samples for single-cell proteomics by mass spectrometry. This workflow enables direct injection of single cells to identify approximately 1,500 protein groups per analytical run and uncover the surprising heterogeneity of cell populations.