Antibodies to Viral Vectors, Responding to Demands to Simplify Progress in Bioprocessing

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BioPharm International Sponsored eBooks, BioPharm International Sponsored eBooks-03-16-2023, Issue 1

The rapid development of gene therapies and high demand for therapeutic proteins pose considerable challenges for biomanufacturing. Complex production processes, product changeover, managing supply chains, and staying ahead of the curve, to name just a few. To accelerate commercialization of biotherapeutics, organizations need to optimize processes by integrating advanced analytical tools that maximize quality, safety, and efficacy. The solution could be a comprehensive approach for screening and characterizing molecular interactions such as protein-protein or protein-drug interactions. It enables a huge variety of applications performed at various stages of biologics development — from early selection to validation to manufacturing. Based on Bio-Layer Interferometry (BLI), it enables real-time, label-free analysis for the determination of kinetics, affinity, and antibody/protein quantitation. Download this eBook to learn how the Octet® BLI platform can streamline workflows, reduce time-to-results, and costs saving on broad range of analytical applications in bioprocessing.