Flexible Fill/Finish Capabilities for Drug Products

Catalent provides fill/finish services across a range of product formats from clinical to commercial scale.

Leveraging N-1 Perfusion for Higher Productivity and Quality for Biologics

Perfusion technology is a tool to increase productivity that can be applied at different stages during upstream cell culture for biotherapeutics products. Perfusion allows removal of waste by-products and replenishment of fresh nutrients so that the cells are able to grow and reach higher cell densities and higher productivity. N-1 perfusion, the application of the perfusion technology in the step immediately before the production bioreactor, is a good option for processes that exhibit low productivity. Join Claudia Berdugo, Ph.D., Director of Process Development at Catalent Biologics, for a podcast where she discusses N-1 perfusion and how Catalent Biologics works toward process improvements for each client to enable them to move their pharmaceutical products forward with confidence.

Repurposing Drugs for New Indications

In this podcast, Catalent Biologics regulatory expert, Kelly Davis shares her insights on why companies choose to repurpose drugs, what the main considerations are when doing so, how companies can overcome the challenges they face, and how Catalent supports companies going through this process.

Manufacturing Cell Therapies with an Individualized Mindset

Cell therapy market has been experiencing double digit growth in recent years stemming from the promising success of the first autologous CAR-T products. However, manufacturing these therapies at scale continues to be a challenge. This podcast will focus on the specialized needs of manufacturing cell therapies at scale and how Custom Manufacturing Organizations are stepping in to drive process efficiencies and standardization.

2020 Bio/Pharma Virtual Congress

*** Live: Wednesday, November 11, 2020 | 8:30 AM EDT – 4:00 PM EDT *** 2020 Bio/Pharma Virtual Congress: Join Pharmaceutical Technology® and BioPharm International® for this online event that will explore the latest developments in formulation, manufacturing, and innovative drug dosage forms, as well as detailed discussions about crucial topics impacting the industry. ***On demand available after final airing until 11/11/2021***