Mike Hennessy Jr.

Mike Hennessy Jr. is the President and CEO of MJH Life Sciences.


Subsurface Currents

That wave beginning to crash over PhRMA’s gunwales may well emanate from a startup mindset, rather than Big Pharma or government policy pundits.

Proportion, Balance, and Restraint

The restraint to not target solely the major disease groups has provided good proportion and balance for our industry.

Paradigm Shift

Cell and gene therapies is unequivocally viewed as the biggest opportunity in the bio/pharma space.

Of Mice and Men and Armadillos

Science news can be just so weird, or weirdly useful, that everything else recedes as we ponder whether it is true and what consequences it might bring.

Voice of Regulators

Next year's "FDA Voices" series will cover core topics FDA staff are prioritizing.

Optimizing Quality

The 1VQ papers advocate for the idea that certain post-approval changes should be streamlined and expedited.

What Does Cost Mean?

While the cost of certain medicines are alarmingly high, they can be considered a bargain measured against a lifetime of traditional costs.

The Stick and Carrot of Quality Management

How can we fix the quality manufacturing issues that come with product shortages?

How Can We Come Up Short So Often?

Systemic inefficiencies in the pharmaceutical industry undermine problem-solving efforts.

Is AI a Panacea for Pharma’s Productivity Gap?

AI could provide solutions to critical manufacturing inefficiencies.