Rita C. Peters

Rita C. Peters is the former editorial director of BioPharm International, Pharmaceutical Technology, and Pharmaceutical Technology Europe.


The Next Chapter

The mission continues. Let science be the guide.

FDA Inspections Back on Track?

Congress questions FDA on plans to catch up and move forward with facility inspections as pandemic travel restrictions ease.

Avoiding Delays on the Road to Normalcy

Vaccines define the path to putting pandemic restrictions and pain in the rear-view mirror.

A “We are the World” Vaccination Effort?

Bio/pharmaceutical manufacturers have made a good first step toward global vaccination through pledging doses at no- to low-profit rates.

Moving Into the Next Phase

As face masks start to come off, bio/pharma’s COVID-19 battle goes on.

Avoiding Unforced Errors in the Bio/Pharma Industry

Smart, accurate, science-based messaging is needed to advance bio/pharma science.

Fighting Through This Slow Season of Change

Bio/pharma works hard today to change the calendar to tomorrow.

A Hopeful but Dangerous Phase

A complicated vaccination rollout and mixed messages may derail the pandemic endgame

Talent-Driven Market for Laboratory Technicians

Demand for specific advanced laboratory skills creates a positive employment market.