BioPharm International-10-01-2011

Examining the Outsourcing Relationship

It is important for all of us to be well versed in the new sciences that impact the development of protein therapeutics.


October 01, 2011

A Q&A with Rick Hancock, president of Althea Technologies. This article contains bonus online material.

The BioPlan Associates 8th annual survey identifies key outsourcing concerns of sponsor companies.

An in-depth characterization of maize-derived trypsin revealed an unusual nonconsensus N-linked glycosylation.

Volatile Markets Take a Toll on Life-Sciences Initial Public Offerings

A survey provides insight into drug companies' plans for spending on outsourced services. This article contains bonus online material.

Manufacturers fund research and reduce prices to tackle diseases around the world.

Perspectives on Outsourcing

October 01, 2011

CROs that have made big acquisitions could be outmaneuvered by evolving sourcing models.


October 01, 2011

The authors provide insight into microRNA biology, and the simplicity of anti-miR oligonucleotide drug delivery.

Final Word

October 01, 2011

Knowing in advance what you need can make a huge difference in a sponsor company's success.