Amy Ritter, PhD

Scientific Editor, BioPharm International


AstraZeneca Announces an Additional 2300 Layoffs

AstraZeneca announced further downsizing in response to an expected period of declining revenues in the face of patent expirations. The company will eliminate 2300 positions in sales and general administration.

AstraZeneca to Cut 1600 Positions in R&D Reorganization

AstraZeneca announced that it will consolidate its R&D capabilities into three centers located in Cambridge, UK; Gaithersburg, MD in the US; and M?lndal, Sweden. The reorganization will result in a net loss of 1600 position, mostly in the US and the UK.

INTERPOL and Pharma Collaborate to Fight Counterfeiting

INTERPOL and 29 of the world's largest pharmaceutical companies have joined forces in an initiative to battle counterfeit drugs.