BioPharm International-03-01-2015

Inside Standards

March 02, 2015

A General Chapter on mAbs will be published in USP-NF as biologics increase their role in healthcare.

It is important to understand degradation and processing to maintain product stability in biologics.

From the Editor

March 01, 2015

Sessions address cell therapies, serialization, contract services, and more.

Market changes are driving pharmaceutical companies to consider new ways to mitigate risk in the cold chain.

Enterprise quality management systems can help shift the quality emphasis from corrective to preventive actions.

Perspectives on Outsourcing

March 01, 2015

Is there enough talent to go around?

Scientists and industry experts seek effective preventive therapies to combat global disease.

The thorough analysis of a therapeutic protein product’s propensity to aggregate may be a necessary step in the prevention of a cell-mediated immune response.

Large-scale implementation of Protein A chromatography offers several challenges.

Recent technological advances in the way biologic therapeutics are purified may bring size-exclusion chromatography back into the modern purification process.

Meissner’s TepoFlex is a polyethylene biocontainer designed for secure handling and it is part of the One-Touch single-use systems portfolio.

Product Spotlight

March 01, 2015

The all-synthetic clarifying product line contains both an anion-exchange nonwoven media and a fine-particle, bioburden reduction membrane.

A new technical report guides bio/pharma companies in establishing a risk-based approach for prevention and management of drug shortages.

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The fast growth of the global biopharmaceutical market has prompted global pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies to increase their R&D investment in biologics.