Ashley Roberts


Penn Announces Gene Therapy Collaboration with WuXi

The University of Pennsylvania announces that it will collaborate with WuXi AppTech to research and develop gene vectors derived from recombinant viruses.

Sterile Filtration Techniques for Optimal Microbial Retention

Removal of microorganisms is crucial when working with biologics. Sterile filtration offers a reliable, safe, and effective way to ensure product integrity.

Amgen Announces Success in Humira Biosimilar Clinical Studies

Amgen announced that it met primary and secondary endpoints in its biosimilar evaluation of adalimumab for the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis, when compared to Humira.

Sanofi Launches first Inhalable Insulin in the US

Sanofi launched a rapidly absorbed, short-acting inhalable insulin in the US to help control type 1 and type 2 diabetes.

Unum Raises $12 million in Funding for ACTR-Based Cancer Treatment

Unum Therapeutics raised $12 million in Series A funding for its development of antibody-coupled T cell receptors (ACTRs) for the treatment of nonspecific tumor cells.

Baxter International Plans to Open R&D Center for Baxalta

Baxter International announced it will form a R&D center in Cambridge, Massachusetts for its new biopharmaceutical company, Baxalta.