Waters Launches New Oligonucleotide Bioanalysis Kits

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BP Elements, BioPharm International's BP Elements, November 2023, Volume 2, Issue 11

Waters has launched OligoWorks SPE Workflow and Kits, which is aimed at accelerating the bioanalysis of oligonucleotides.

On Oct. 19, 2023, Waters Corporation announced that it has launched OligoWorks solid phase extraction (SPE) Kits and components, which are meant to improve sample preparation for liquid chromatography (LC)–mass spectrometry (MS)-based bioanalytical quantitation of therapeutic oligonucleotides.

The kits are designed to deliver up to 2x higher oligonucleotide recovery from biofluids, according to a company press release. The kits’ design also delivers improved LC­MS sensitivity and reproducibility for supporting robust quantitation. Because these capabilities enable lower limits of quantitation, the kits can reduce the need for repeat experiments.

The kits also use an innovative, enzyme-enhanced, and detergent-free sample pre-treatment that, according to Waters in the press release, reduces washing steps and improves mass spectrometer compatibility. This design enables for direct injection LC–MS analysis and is also what allows for the lower limits of quantitation. The kits can also be fully automated, which can improve productivity or simply help scientists gain back time via the reduction of manual steps and oversight.

The OligoWorks SPE Kits are available immediately and complement other Waters tools, including MaxPeak Premier Columns, ACQUITY Premier LC System and Arc Premier LC System, Andrew+ Pipetting Robot. The new kits also support the sensitivity of the Waters Xevo TQ Absolute Mass Spectrometer.


" … Waters is committed to solving customer pain points and enabling greater analytical performance and productivity. Our new OligoWorks SPE Kits directly address oligonucleotide bioanalysis sample prep challenges across diverse oligo therapeutics," said Erin Chambers, vice-president, Consumables and Lab Automation, Waters Corporation. "The science and societal effects of these therapies are exploding given their ability to address human health issues. Our workflow and kits will drive an acceleration of oligo bioanalysis projects and drug development timelines; ultimately improving the experience for drug candidates."

Source: Waters Corporation