TriLink BioTechnologies Launches Analytical Sciences Center of Excellence

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BP Elements, BioPharm International's BP Elements, November 2023, Volume 2, Issue 11

The new centralized hub will provide advanced testing of nucleic acids, which is expected to simplify mRNA substance testing.

TriLink BioTechnologies, a Maravai LifeSciences Company, announced on Nov. 2, 2023 that it has launched the Analytical Sciences Center of Excellence (ASCE). The new ASCE hub expands the company’s suite of analytical testing capabilities and, according to the company, will minimize cost and delays associated with outsourcing testing to multiple laboratories. The ASCE, which is located in Maravai LifeSciences’s Pacific Center Boulevard facility in San Diego, Calif., features a 4000-square-foot lab to support plasmid DNA and messenger RNA (mRNA) manufacturing and will be responsible for developing analytical methodologies such as mRNA fingerprinting and sequencing.

“TriLink's new Analytical Sciences Center of Excellence will be a transformative force in the development of nucleic acid therapies,” said Khaled Yamout, senior director of Analytical Services at TriLink, in a press release. “This new lab will allow us to expand our analytical capabilities to meet the growing demands of the market, including specific method development.”

TriLink has developed and qualified 10 unique methods for mRNA characterization with 40 various constructs. The ASCE’s new instrumentation to improve nuclear magnetic resonance, next-generation sequencing, and lipid nanoparticles characterization builds on the company’s method development for construct-specific assays.


“We continue to witness exciting growth in nucleic acid therapeutics—and rapid expansion calls for rapid innovation,” added Kevin Lynch, TriLink’s vice-presdient and general manager of GMP Operations, in the press release. “The ASCE’s centralized analytical capabilities and development of analytical methodologies for the characterization of nucleic acids will advance the industry as we continue to find ways to meet the needs of developers working on life-saving therapeutics.”

TriLink, in addition to the new hub, has an extensive mRNA capping portfolio, advanced scale-up capabilities, and expertise in mRNA, oligonucleotide, and plasmid production. It has been a leader in nucleic acid and mRNA solutions for more than 25 years and provides chemical and biological experiences, contract and development manufacturing services, and readymade and custom materials.

Source: TriLink BioTechnologies