The Building Blocks of Decentralized Clinical Trials

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A recent study by Morning Consult finds that >54% of US adults would be willing to participate in a clinical trial if it had a 30-minute-or-less commute. This is quite striking, given that <4% of the 328 million people in America are actively participating in clinical research today. The solution? - An accessible, intuitive digital clinical platform that connects sponsors, sites & patients, and replaces burdensome paper forms and physical visits with electronic consents (eConsent), electronic Clinical Outcome Assessments (eCOA’s), and remote visits (TeleVisits). Find out how Medable, the recognized industry leaders in Decentralized Clinical trials, can partner with your organization to digitally transform your clinical protocols. Your research teams can experience benefits such as; improved patient experience, higher quality outcomes data, & savings of US$25,000,000+ for individual studies. Download the White Paper now to learn how.