Enhancing Oncology Clinical Trials Through The Use Of Digital Technologies

Wed, Aug 17, 2022 2:00 PM EDT Recent advances in both oncology drug development and novel digital technologies provide a ripe opportunity to enhance the clinical trial process. Join Colin Weller and Musaddiq Khan from Medable as they discuss the key considerations around these innovations.

The Rise of Decentralized Clinical Trials

There’s no doubt clinical research has changed. With 77% of surveyed pharma executives planning to run a hybrid or decentralized trial this year, it’s important to understand the benefits of web-enabled research tools and how they work. Learn the benefits of DCTs with this eBook.

How Medable eConsent Expands Patient Access, Reduces Costs

Medable eConsent improves the trial experience for patients, sites, & sponsors. Learn how eConsent in conjunction with other decentralized solutions helped save one organization save $20M in trial costs, reduce trial site visits by 75%, and cut enrollment timelines in half with this case study.

Financial Modeling From Tufts Center for the Study of Drug Development Demonstrates Substantial Net Benefits to Sponsors Who Use Decentralized Clinical Trials (DCTs) Technology

The data is conclusive, DCTs provide better returns on investment than traditional trials. In fact, new analysis by Tufts CSDD shows DCTs can provide up to 13x ROI in phase III trials & 5x ROI in phase II trials through reductions in clinical trial cycle time, screen failure decreases, and more. Learn more with your free copy of the analysis.

The Building Blocks of Decentralized Clinical Trials

A recent study by Morning Consult finds that >54% of US adults would be willing to participate in a clinical trial if it had a 30-minute-or-less commute. This is quite striking, given that