Site Expansion - Regional Round-Up: South Carolina

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BioPharm International, BioPharm International-04-01-2004, Volume 17, Issue 4

Regional Round-Up: South Carolina

Population (2002)4,063,011
Workforce population (2002)1,968,479
Unemployment rate (10/02)5.8%
Key cities and populationsColumbia: 117,394; Charleston: 98,795; Greenville: 56,181; Rock Hill: 54,606
Targeted industriesAutomotive, biotech, chemicals, technology-intensive manufacturing and services
Biopharm employment (2002)5,300
Academia affiliated with biopharm industryMedical University of South Carolina; University of South Carolina; Clemson University
Primary business strengthsPro-business government; ease of permitting; strong manufacturing experience; superior worker training program; high quality of life; low construction costs; competitive wage rates
Tax and other incentivesSouth Carolina offers no state property tax; negotiable fee-in-lieu of property tax; no local income tax; no inventory tax; no sales tax on manufacturing machinery, industrial power, or materials for finished products; no wholesale tax; no unitary tax on worldwide profits; and many incentives based on job creation and investment. Sales tax exemptions that favorably impact cost of operations include those for: electricity and fuels used in the manufacturing process, machinery and equipment used in the production process and repair parts, and raw materials. The Center for Accelerated Technology Training (CATT) focuses on the training needs of new and existing business and industry in the state. CATT provides recruiting, assessment, training development, and management and implementation services to customers who are creating new jobs with competitive wages and benefits. These services are provided through state funds at minimal or no cost, and training is developed to meet the specific requirements of each customer. Training may be delivered through pre-employment or on-the-job activities, depending on the time frames and individual needs of customers.
State- and regional-level contactsSouth Carolina Department of Commerce