Rapid Mass Photometer

Published on: 
BioPharm International, BioPharm International, May 2022 Issue, Volume 35, Issue 5
Pages: 48

The SamuxMP enables routine quantification of empty/full AAV capsid ratios

Designed to be easy to use with only basic training, the SamuxMP
mass photometer is utilized in adeno-associated virus (AAV)
analytics. The instrument has a mass range tailored for AAV analysis and
provides accurate results in less than five minutes from sample loading to final result. Combined with low-operational costs and a small footprint, the SamuxMP enables routine quantification of empty/full AAV capsid ratios, even in smaller labs, to set a new standard in AAV characterization.

The SamuxMP is designed to overcome the drawbacks of the current analytical methods by enabling users to rapidly and cost- effectively determine empty/full capsid ratios for AAVs of any serotype at the bench using low sample volumes and concentrations with minimal sample preparation. This is intended to enhance productivity and speed up workflows through more frequent analyses in-house, making R&D and process development of gene therapies and AAV-based therapeutics significantly more efficient.