Pall Corporation Acquires BioSMB Technology

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Pall’s acquisition of BioSMB from Tarpon Biosystems expands its downstream continuous processing offerings.



Pall Corporation announced on March 31, 2015 the acquisition of the BioSMB technology platform from Tarpon Biosystems, chromatographic systems that enable single-use, multicolumn chromatography for process development.


The BioSMB technology is scalable from process development to large scale GMP production. A disposable flow path features a proprietary integrated valve cassette and services up to 16 columns or device, according to a Pall press statement.

The acquisition latest addition expands Pall’s portfolio in continuous processing technology at both the process development and GMP scales of operation, while complementing existing Allegro single-use products and systems, Pall reports.

Source: Pall Corp.