MilliporeSigma Unveils Buffer Delivery Component for BioContinuum Platform at INTERPHEX 2019

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The BioContinuum Buffer Delivery Platform offers streamlined buffer management and delivers “contiGuous” bioprocessing.

MilliporeSigma unveiled its BioContinuum Buffer Delivery Platform, a new building block in the BioContinuum Platform for next-generation bioprocessing, at INTERPHEX 2019 in New York City. The new component offers a way to streamline buffer management to deliver “contiGuous” bioprocessing.

The Buffer Delivery Platform is an integrated solution for more efficient buffer delivery that is tailored to provide the highest level of accuracy and precision in buffer preparation and management. The launch is timely because industry adoption of liquid buffers is expected to expand from 7% to 56% percent, according to MilliporeSigma’s internal market research.

The company has obtained certain exclusive rights to sell the buffer dilution system developed by LEWA-Nikkiso America (now a part of YMC), a manufacturer of pumps and systems for fluid metering, for customers involved in the development or production of diagnostics and biopharmaceuticals. This buffer dilution system offers the highest accuracy available for dilution of highly concentrated buffer, according to MilliporeSigma. The company supplies process buffers at a fraction of the resources and facility space, resulting in a more streamlined buffer suite and a more efficient manufacturing process, it reports.

The buffer platform is configurable and comprises four components: a selection of distinct buffer concentrates; Mobius Select single-use assemblies; an automated, accurate, and precise buffer dilution system, and tailored system services.

What the company calls “contiGuous” manufacturing goes beyond just connecting the individual unit operations; it will include the orchestration and management of all the processing steps (materials, production, testing, and analytics) with a streamlined and optimized approach.


“MilliporeSigma’s vision goes beyond continuous manufacturing and will deliver contiGuous bioprocessing-a seamless confluence of digital and intensified bioprocessing building blocks,” said Andrew Bulpin, head of process solutions at MilliporeSigma, in an April 2, 2019 company press release. “Our BioContinuum Buffer Delivery Platform is a perfect example of the high degree of connectivity that contiGuous biomanufacturing can achieve.”

MilliporeSigma showcased the new Buffer Delivery Platform at INTERPHEX 2019 on April 2–4 in New York, NY.

Source: MilliporeSigma