Lonza and Integral Molecular Enter Biotherapeutics De-Risking Collaboration

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BP Elements, BioPharm International's BP Elements, May 2022, Volume 1, Issue 5

Lonza and Integral Molecular will collaborate to better assess the risks of off-target binding of biologic drug candidates.

Lonza and Integral Molecular recently announced a strategic collaboration wherein they will work together to assess the risks of off-target binding of biologic drug candidates. The collaboration aims to provide a better method of assessing immunogenicity, immunotoxicity, and cross-reactivity potential early in a biologic’s development cycle.

According to a press release from April 25, 2022, the companies feel that their respective expertise complement one another in this endeavor. Lonza’s early development services focuses on cell-based assays, which evaluate the activity of biologic therapies upon binding. Integral Molecular, on the other hand, detects off-target binding liabilities via its Membrane Proteome Array platform.

“Early immunogenicity de-risking significantly increases chances of the future success of therapies as they progress through the development pathway,” said Yvette Stallwood, head of early development services, Lonza, in the press release. “Lonza’s 14 years of expertise in in-silico and in-vitro immunogenicity and immunotoxicity assessments complements Integral Molecular’s valuable insights into off-target binding using [its] Membrane Proteome Array.”


“We are pleased to offer complementary expertise to Lonza’s cell-based assay experience for preclinical safety profiling of biologics, thereby offering drug developers a more complete evaluation methodology to select the optimal candidate to move forward to IND [investigational new drug] filing.” said Benjamin Doranz, CEO and co-founder, Integral Molecular, in the press release.

Source: Integral Molecular