Key Buying Factors for Tubing used in Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing

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Choosing the right tubing may not be as easy as one might think. There's a short list of technical and commercial factors that go into the buying decision – choose wisely a weighted matrix of factors.

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Event Overview:

The use of tubing is ubiquitous across the Biopharmaceutical manufacturing process including upstream, downstream and fill and finish. As more suppliers enter the market, it’s important for users to make informed decisions on which tubing to select, especially when some suppliers will offer multiple versions of the same type of tubing. This webcast will help to summarize the main buying factors to consider and how you might make a selection.

  • Technical considerations
  • Commercial considerations

Key Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the main technical considerations in choosing tubing
    • Application? pumping? General transfer? Pressures? Material?
    • Take into account, durometer, pressure rating, pump life,
    • Types of tubing, Braided Silicone, TPE, Pump Sil, TPR/TPV pump tubing
  • Understand the main commercial considerations in choosing tubing
    • Quality systems
    • Lead times
    • Prices
    • Customer Support
    • Country of origin
  • Learn how tubing suppliers try to differentiate themselves
    • Business Models will differ between tubing suppliers.
      • Direct vs Distribution
    • One stop shop vs specialization
      • Some companies provide full end to end solutions while others may specialize with tubing or connectors for example.
    • Integrators/Dist. may be tubing agnostic and source customer requested tubing from different manufacturers

Featured Speakers:

John Litz
Business Development Manager
ILC Dover

John Litz, Business Development Manager for ILC Dover, graduated from Maryland’s Salisbury University in 2014 with a degree in biological science. With education in microbiology, cell biology, and plant and animal sciences; John has held many roles in life sciences starting as an intern, then moving into roles as a process technician, business development manager, and even a short stint as a zookeeper. John’s career started as a process technician with Lonza scientific, working with horseshoe crabs to process Limulus Amebocyte Lysate at Lonza’s Salisbury location. After his contract with Lonza was completed, he moved into a commercial role specializing in fluid handling solutions for bioprocessing. With over 8 years in single use fluid transfer assembly design and consultation, John has worked with various partners to develop fluid transfer solutions across upstream and downstream processes for biopharmaceutical manufacturing.

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