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Flexible Solutions For Potent Product Handling

The need for flexible solutions for potent product handling is increasing. Check out our free whitepaper to discover best practices and innovative solutions available to you

ArmorFlex Films from ILC Dover

ArmorFlex® Films are used in several of our products to provide high performance in powder handling and achieve greater efficiency than ever before.

Powder Containment Solutions from ILC Dover

Maximize yield without sacrificing quality, safety, or consistency. Discover ILC Dover flexible engineered solutions for #biopharm and #pharm manufacturing processes

Continuous Liners from ILC Dover

Continuous liners reduce costs, cross-contamination, and operator labor. Watch the video to see how

Introducing Liquid Single-Use Bags from ILC Dover

ILC Dover announced its launch of liquid single-use bioprocessing bags, representing the first of many new products for handling sterile liquids in the biotherapeutics and cell and gene therapy markets. This expansion continues our line of solutions designed for use across the entire biotherapeutic and pharmaceutical manufacturing workflow—from powder containment and handling to sterile liquid handling and pre-filled liquid and powder bags.

soloPURE - Sterile Manufacturing from ILC Dover

soloPURE™ is ILC Dover's closed-barrier system for sterile manufacturing - learn more.

Jet Mixer System from ILC Dover

The JetMixer™ System provides fast powder mixing and complete protection of powder properties.

Powder Handling Challenges in Upstream Biopharmaceutical Processes

For years pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical manufacturers have invested in rigid stainless-steel equipment for upstream bioprocessing. With new and innovative single-use products now on the market, manufacturers have access to flexible, safe solutions that offer a myriad of advantages over the traditional solutions. Single-use technology offers less risk of contamination, more operator safety, and less negative environmental impact than the stainless-steel alternatives. In this podcast, we will discuss the challenges associated with handling powders in upstream biopharm processes and how single-use technology can benefit manufacturers from an environmental, cost, and safety perspective.