Charles River Acquires Celsis, Manufacturer of Rapid Microbial Detection Systems

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Charles Rivers strengthens its endotoxin testing and bacterial identification detection capabilities with the addition of Celsis’ products.


Charles River announced on July 9, 2015 that it is acquiring Celsis for $212 million in cash, adding Celsis’ rapid bacterial detection systems (including the Advance II, Accel, and Innovate systems) to its existing portfolio of bioburden testing solutions. The deal is predicted to drive the increased adoption of Charles River’s endotoxin and microbial detection testing solutions “across both sterile and nonsterile applications, as clients seek a single provider for their rapid product-release testing needs,” according to a press release. The acquisition doubles Charles River’s market opportunity for endotoxin and microbial testing services to approximately $2 billion, according to a press email.


Charles River currently offers endotoxin testing for sterile biopharma applications such as injectable drugs and medical devices, and the addition of Celsis, which is a provider of rapid testing systems for non-sterile bioburden applications (e.g., pills, ointments, and detergents), will complement Charles River’s existing quality control testing service offerings.

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