Avitide Plants Flag at Former Merck Location

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The affinity purification company will set up shop at the former Merck & Co./GlycoFi facility in the Dartmouth Regional Technology Center in New Hampshire.

Avitide has a new headquarters for all of its affinity resin discovery and manufacturing operations, according to a July 27, 2016 release from the company. It expanded its operations at the Dartmouth Regional Technology Center to move into the spot formerly occupied by Merck subsidiary GlycoFi. The move will allow Avitide to quadruple the company’s R&D capabilities, according to Kevin Isett, CEO and co-founder.

Avitide offers affinity separation technology for the downstream purification of biopharmaceuticals such as protein-based products and vaccines. It delivers bespoke, on-demand solutions to clients in a three-month period. “Securing this long-term facility agreement reinforces Avitide’s commitment to become the world-leader in exclusive affinity separation technologies for preclinical, clinical, and commercial biologics, vaccines, and gene therapies,” said Isett in a press release.


Source: Business Wire