Automated Control Concepts Launches New Bioreactor Control System for Data Collection and Analysis

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Automated Control Concepts has launched Lab Owl bioreactor control system for labs using cell culture and fermentation applications.

On Jan. 16, 2018, Automated Control Concepts (ACC), an independent systems integrator that delivers automation and information-oriented solutions to the industrial market, announced the launch of Lab Owl, its bioreactor control and information system geared to the needs of laboratories using cell culture and fermentation applications.

Lab Owl has a user-friendly interface that has been successfully leveraged in bench-top bioreactors in development labs, in pilot plants, and in manufacturing. The system is available in flexible and scalable form factors to meet the needs of labs dependent on bioreactors for cell culture and fermentation experiments.

“ACC developed Lab Owl following decades of experience working with biotech research laboratories and manufacturers,” says Kurt Elam, senior director, Sales and Marketing, ACC, in a company press release. “For customers who seek streamlining set-up time, achieving better repeatability, integrated data collection and reporting, even controlling experiments remotely-Lab Owl is a true game-changer.”

“We’ve discovered that most scientists felt that there had to be a better way to control their experiments and collect and analyze their data,” says ACC CEO Michael Blechman, in the press release. “Lab Owl provides that better way. Developed in collaboration with scientists from several major biotechnology companies, Lab Owl is easy to configure, flexible in control, and integrated with analytical instruments-allowing scientists to focus on innovation.”


Source: Automated Control Concepts