Astrea Bioseparations Acquires Delta Precision

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Astrea Bioseparations has acquired Delta Precision, a manufacturer of chromatography columns for biomanufacturing.

Astra Bioseparations (Astrea Bio), a provider of bioseparation and purification technologies, announced on Jan. 9, 2023 that it has acquired Delta Precision, a manufacturer of advanced chromatography columns for the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries.

The acquisition will allow Astrea Bio to expand its product offerings to include a full range of high-performance chromatography columns for biomanufacturing. This will add to its existing portfolio of bioprocessing resins, reusable columns, and prepacked single-use columns. Delta Precision’s products are used in a variety of applications, including protein purification, vaccine production, and drug development.

“We are delighted to welcome the Delta team into the fold. The acquisition of Delta is another step forward in Astrea Bio’s rapid expansion to support the biopharmaceutical manufacturing field,” said Terry Pizzie, CEO of Astrea Bio. “This is a highly strategic move for us, allowing us to offer a full range of industry-leading purification and separation tools.”


“We look forward to joining the Astrea Bio family, further cementing the long-standing relationship between the two companies,” added Geoff Parnell, o-founder and managing director at Delta Precision. “We are confident that our expertise in column manufacturing will complement and accelerate the Astrea Bio business and customer reach.”

Source: Astrea Bio