Additional Size for Quaternary Diaphragm Pumps

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The Quattroflow QF10k size pump from PSG, a Dover company, has been added to its line of quaternary, four-piston diaphragm pumps.

PSG, a Dover company, has expanded its Quattroflow line of quaternary, four-piston diaphragm pumps to include the QF10k size pump. The pump has been designed to fill the gap between the existing QF4400/5050 and QF20k pump sizes and provides a maximum flow rate of 10,000 lph.

Product features include a stainless-steel pump chamber design, a maximum pressure of 6 bar (87 psi), 20:1 turn-down ratio, linear flow performance, and high-flow stability even at low flow rates. Additionally, the pump offers clean-in-place/steaming-in-place and autoclave capabilities. Available accessories include control box, power box, diaphragm sensor, and proportional–integral–derivative controller. Typical applications include chromatography and cross-flow filter systems.


Source: PSG, a Dover company