Biopharmaceutical Analysis: ICP-MS

The Latest in the Laboratory

November 01, 2019

BioPharm International

The following details some of the latest tools and systems available for biopharmaceutical laboratory operations.

Nurturing Knowledge from Disparate Data Streams

February 01, 2019

BioPharm International

Leveraging vast quantities of analytical data requires digitalization and platform integration.

Complex Protein Studies Demand Dynamic Techniques

October 15, 2018

BioPharm International

By adapting techniques from other sciences-and exploring better tools for biologics drug development-researchers are addressing challenges of protein characterization.

Advances in Analytics for Bioprocessing

July 01, 2018

BioPharm International

Process analytical technology tools have enabled manufacturers to monitor and control their production processes.

Using Direct Transition Analysis in Chromatography

January 01, 2018

BioPharm International

The authors present a robust and easy-to-implement chromatography column performance assessment method, called direct transition analysis (DTA).

Managing Residual Impurities During Downstream Processing

June 01, 2017

BioPharm International

Increased understanding of potential impurities has spurred efforts to standardize monitoring procedures.

Evaluating E&L Studies for Single-Use Systems

February 01, 2017

BioPharm International

Extraction studies demonstrate approaches for evaluating single-use bio-pharmaceutical manufacturing materials.

EAG Laboratories Opens Dedicated ICP-MS Lab

November 10, 2016

Dedicated facility will address enhanced regulation of metals and impurities in pharmaceuticals.

Drug Delivery Systems for Biopharmaceuticals

August 01, 2015

BioPharm International

Industry experts spoke to BioPharm International about the key considerations in the development of a drug-delivery device for a biologic drug, the importance of human factors engineering, the advantages of prefilled syringes, and the challenges in the manufacture of these devices.

Quality by Design and Extractable and Leachable Testing

February 01, 2015

BioPharm International

The author discusses the various ways in which a quality-by-design program can enhance the extractable and leachable assessment of a drug product.