BioPharm International-05-01-2012

Perspectives on Outsourcing

May 01, 2012

Service providers must focus on delivering a superior customer experience.

This month, we rewind to an article titled "The Biotechnology Industry: A First Quarter Snapshot."

The author highlights novel strains and methods that have recently been shown to express multidisulfide bonded proteins.

This article discusses potential opportunities to improve the patient experience through formulation and delivery device technologies.

The author describes expression technology that produces cell lines with high genetic stability.

Manufacturers seek clear path to develop safe-use approaches for more risky OTC therapies.

MAb polishing using salt tolerant interaction membrane chromatography.


May 01, 2012

A Q&A with Alan Shaw of Vaxinnate. This article is part of a special section on expression systems.

Future sponsor-contract provider relationships will require more integration.

Featuring expert insights from GSK Biologicals, Baxter Pharmaceutical Solutions, GEA Pharma Systems, and more.

No matter the time or cost, knowing what's going on inside your facilities is always going to be worth the effort.

Compliance Notes

May 01, 2012

How to handle and respond to a consent decree.

Boot Camp Business Guide

May 01, 2012

BioPharm talks with Tarja Mottram, CEO of Action for Results, on design-for-value concepts, management, and cross-functionality.