BioPharm International-05-01-2007

Venture capital insiders say that the flow of funds into biopharma shouldcontinue, driven by the large amount of money available for investment.

China's central government is aware of the need to improve intellectual property protection and enforcement.

By outsourcing high-end processes that demand advanced analytical and technical skills, biopharm companies are reaping substantial savings.

This flexible setup minimizes the number of purification process steps, buffers, and process components.

The ?-24 bioreactor from Applikon offers a platform for fermentation in a very small volume. Based on a micro-titerplate (24 wells), each well (reactor) has a working volume of 2–6 mL. Each reactor has its own pH and temperature measurement and control capabilities. The agitation (orbital shaking) can be controlled in the range 0–800 rpm. The bioreactor is completely automated and all data (per reactor) are visible on the screen of a PC and stored. Applikon Inc., 650.578.1396,

Membrane-based chromatography technologies sometimes offer advantages over resin-based technologies.

The information provided by analytical testing is important in determining whether additional clinical trails are necessary to bring a follow-on to market.

Lax enforcement arising from a lack of political will creates the potential for a loss of public confidence.

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May 01, 2007

Fortunately for all of us, not everyone's head is in the sand.