BioPharm International-01-01-2011

BioPharm’s 5th Annual Employment Survey

A case study to compare the performances of several types of mixing in disposable bags with stainless steel bioreactors.

Outsourcing Insights

January 01, 2011

CDMOs and CMOs face weak economic recovery, consolidation, and globalization.

How did biopharmaceutical professionals fare during a year of hiring freezes, high anxiety, and increased workload? Our survey finds out.

Final Word

January 01, 2011

Why this workforce trend is well-suited for pharmaceutical companies.

From the Editor

January 01, 2011

So often a leader on the world stage, the US is a laggard when it comes to regulating follow-on biologics.

An approach to biopharmaceutical development that combines Quality by Design with a suite of visual informatics tools to reduce scale-up risks.

Burrill on Biotech

January 01, 2011

Business models that were used to create current value are no longer going to be effective going forward.

Regulatory Beat

January 01, 2011

Top priorities for manufacturers include user fees, new health initiatives, and regulatory compliance.