John C. Anders


Using Amino Acid Analysis to Determine Absorptivity Constants: A Validation Case Study Using Bovine Serum Albumin

by John C. Anders, aaiPharma, Inc., Benne F. Parten, Glenn E. Petrie , Robert L. Marlowe , and John E. McEntire Amino acid analysis (AAA) of well-recovered residues offers an easy way to calculate the absorptivity constant for a known protein. The method provides an absolute measure of protein concentration, free from interference from water, excipients, and bound salts. This article demonstrates a qualified method for determining protein content by AAA.

Advances in Amino Acid Analysis

by John C. Anders, AAI International With the advent of proteomics, innovative protein-based pharmaceuticals are entering the drug development pipeline. Compositional analysis, protein quantitation, and absorptivity determination by amino acid analysis ensures accurate characterization of recombinant proteins, amino acids, and peptides in development, bulk, and final products.