Your Insight Can Create Industry Benefits

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BioPharm International, BioPharm International-06-01-2015, Volume 28, Issue 6
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Objective, peer-reviewed papers and technical articles can help advance biopharmaceutical development.


FDA’s Center for Drug Evaluation and Research (CDER) has been encouraging industry to invest in quality drug production methods and improve processes, facilities, and equipment. Such advances in processing are built on an exchange of scientific and technical information.

Players in biopharmaceutical development and manufacturing-from biopharma companies and industry suppliers-have a wealth of scientific and technical expertise about biopharmaceutical formulation, development, and manufacturing. Sharing this knowledge-in an objective format-is vital to the growth and improvement of the biopharma industry.

BioPharm International was founded with the purpose of sharing information about emerging biopharmaceutical development and processing methods, technologies, and practices. With a dedication to providing objective, informed content, the magazine and are excellent media channels for this information exchange. 

Article formats vary from peer-reviewed papers, non peer-reviewed technical papers, and business-focused articles. The editors welcome contributions from experts in the biopharmaceutical development community, with these four key guidelines in mind:

Articles and papers must be based on technical and scientific fact, supported by references to published literature or data. Marketing-driven content, unsupported claims, or promotional language are not acceptable in editorial features.


Manuscripts are reviewed with the understanding that the content has not been published previously in any format, including print or electronic publications, conference proceedings, whitepapers, application notes, posters, or company-created marketing or sales literature. In addition, the submission should not be ghostwritten or under consideration for publication elsewhere, including on the Internet.

The author must own the rights to the submitted content, including all images, tables, and figures. Graphics from other sources or third-party sources will not be accepted for publication. Before a manuscript is accepted for publication, all authors must sign a license agreement to provide BioPharm International permission to publish the original article and its associated figures/tables in print and online. Authors retain the copyright to the article, as it was originally submitted.

On topic
The editors seek objective articles on technical and regulatory subjects including upstream processing functions of protein expression, fermentation and cell culture; downstream processing including separation and purification; process development; drug formulation and delivery; validation; GMP compliance and quality control; analytical technologies; scale-up strategies; and facilities design. The magazine also covers business topics such as supply-chain management, sourcing and outsourcing, project management, partnerships, and intellectual property management.

How to contribute
If you have an important technical, regulatory, or process improvement topic to share with peers in the industry, I encourage you to share it through BioPharm International. To learn more about contributing a peer-reviewed or technical article, view and review the author’s guidelines and editorial calendar. Then, send me a message or give me a call. I would be happy to discuss your ideas for contributions.

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Vol. 28, No. 6
Page: 6
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