WHO Calls for Increased Funding to Aid Yemen’s Health Crisis

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WHO is appealing for US $392 million to reach 12.9 million people with essential health assistance in 2023.

On Feb. 26, 2023, the World Health Organization (WHO) appealed for US$392 million to aid in Yemen’s health crisis and reach 12.9 million people with essential health assistance in 2023.

In 2022, international funding pledges enabled WHO and 44 Health Cluster partners to deliver medical equipment, supplies, training, and other support to hospitals and health facilities in Yemen, reaching nearly 7.8 million Yemenis. However, this level of funding fell far short of addressing identified and urgent health needs of nearly 12.6 million people.

“Yemen requires urgent and robust support from international donors and other partners to effectively avert the potential collapse of its health system,” said Adham Abdel Moneim, WHO Representative in Yemen, in a press release. “New funding to the amount of US $392 million is required by Yemen’s health sector to ensure that overstretched health facilities can continue providing even most basic services to 12.9 million of the most vulnerable people.”


Yemen requires continuing support from the international donor community to deliver a minimum health service package that prioritizes access to primary health care services by vulnerable population groups, especially in remote and conflict-affected districts of Yemen where these services are most needed.

Source: WHO