Vetter Expands Secondary Packaging

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The company will complete an expansion of its secondary packaging capabilities at its Ravensburg, Germany site by 2020.

On Oct. 24, 2018, Vetter, a provider of prefilled drug-delivery systems and packaging solutions, announced the expansion of its secondary packaging capabilities at its Ravensburg, Germany site. 

The company reports that at the Ravensburg site, various syringes, cartridges, and vials, some with highly complex requirements, are currently packed on state-of-the-art lines. In addition to the existing area of approximately 6000 m(64584 ft2), an additional 2900 m(31215 ft2) will be available in a new building by 2020, enabling continued flexible planning of secondary packaging well into the future.

The expansion also includes investments in modern testing and analysis methods. In addition to standard release and stability tests (e.g., of syringes with a needle shield), the company will offer more extensive tests for autoinjectors starting in March 2019. This development was achieved through the efforts of a team of specialized engineers that worked on the development of a testing machine, enabling application simulations and digital documentation on auto-injectors, according to the company.


“Thanks to the modular use of manual, semi-automatic, and fully automatic machines, we are able to individually package anything from small clinical to large commercial quantities and, therefore, react flexibly to changing customer structures and requirements”, said Bernd Stauss, senior vice-president of Production and Engineering, Vetter, in a company press release. 

Source: Vetter