Veraxa and Indivumed Collaborate on Development of Precision Oncology Antibody Drugs

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Veraxa and Indivumed will work together to develop colorectal antibody drugs.

Veraxa Biotech GmbH, Heidelberg, and Indivumed GmbH, Hamburg, announced that they will work together on the discovery and development of modulatory and functional antibodies against several targets relevant for colorectal cancer.

The targets were identified by Indivumed’s discovery solution platform nRavel. Veraxa will use its microfluidic technology to screen antibodies with modulatory function on complex signal proteins like GPCRs or ion channels. Antibody development and commercialization will be done by Indivumed subsidiary Ix Therapeutics.

“The high quality of data and the artificial intelligence tools that Indivumed utilizes means that we can be more confident in the validity of the targets,” said Christoph Antz, CEO of Veraxa, in a Induvimed press release from August 10, 2021. “With our technology, we can move rapidly into the development of functional antibodies that have the potential to serve as new therapeutics.”


“Having thousands of patient cases complete with comprehensive multi-omics and clinical data coupled with the advanced AI capabilities of nRavel gives us the ability to derive novel insights in just a short period of time,” said Hartmut Juhl, founder and CEO of Indivumed, in the press release. “As we continue to uncover additional targets, having a partner like Veraxa who can develop functional antibodies in an accelerated manner is critical to our ability to discover new possibilities for cancer treatment in the shortest-possible time and fight this disease.”

Source: Induvimed