Use of a Novel Cell Lysis Solution for Protection of rAAVs and Enhancing Manufacturing Efficiency

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Webinar Date/Time: Tue, Dec 6, 2022 11:00 AM EST

This webinar examines the advantages offered by a novel cell lysis solution to improve quantitative harvest yield during rAAV cell lysis. It compares the performance of the novel solution against a traditional cell lysis solution, as well as examines several of the key challenges associated with improving this viral vector process step. Innovative approaches to these challenges provide demonstrable avenues for advances.

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Event Overview:

In viral vector production, achieving optimum quantitative harvest yield during rAAV cell lysis process remains an ongoing challenge. Certain techniques and materials currently in use have certain safety concerns and do not necessarily prevent vector precipitation and aggregation due to shear stress during processing.
In this webinar, a novel cell lysis solution that not only lyse the cells but also protects the viral vector from damage during processing will be discussed in detail. The webinar will examine several key advantages this novel solution demonstrates including:

  • Efficient cell lysis across broad operating conditions
  • Cell lysis efficiency compared to a traditional cell lysis solution
  • Protection of viral vectors that enable a higher recovery compared to a traditional cell lysis solution

Key Learning Objectives

  • Gain insight into productivity and safety factors related to current rAAV cell lysis processes
  • Understand the importance of improved protection of viral particles during agitation and the need for solutions that reduce foaming and viscosity to minimize processing challenges
  • Know how a novel cell lysis solution has been engineered to address these and other rAAV cell lysis challenges, as well as how it is designed for use in current generation bioreactors and with other reagents in standard workflow, such as endonuclease

Who Should Attend

Biopharma production professionals: downstream process engineers, downstream scientists, managers of downstream process development, production and operations managers, research scientists


Jungmin Oh
Manager of New Product Development

Jungmin Oh is a manager of new product development at Avantor. In her current role, Jungmin leads product and process development projects with multiple biopharmaceutical industry partners, including customized product development for cell and gene therapy customers. She holds a MS and Ph.D. in chemical engineering, specializing in the optimization of a continuous chromatography system.

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