UBM Announces BioLive Event

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The new BioLive event, which will be a global hub for biopharmaceutical manufacturing, will launch alongside CPhI Worldwide 2018 in Madrid.

On Oct. 26, 2017, UBM announced a new biopharma event, BioLive, that will launch alongside CPhI Worldwide 2018 in Madrid from Oct. 9–11, 2018. The show will offer a mixture of science and technology content through presentations and conferences alongside business development and partnering programs.

The new event, which will focus on bioprocessing and manufacturing, will serve as a global hub for upstream and downstream processing and will connect biotechnology firms, Big Pharma, and service providers working in early stage development through commercial manufacturing, as well as regulatory services. BioLive will help Big Pharma companies to assess the specific niche services they need, such as analytics and testing. The event will also empower small- and medium-sized bio-innovators who want to feed new therapies into the development pipelines of larger companies. Bio-innovators will be able to look for the external partners they need to push forward their drug development and commercialization programs.

“It’s a hugely exciting time for the bio industry globally, and we expect rapid growth in what is now a maturing supply chain. Independent research showed a dissatisfaction amongst existing options, and we have identified that we can provide broader depth in bio manufacturing and processing, whilst capitalizing on our collective portfolio strength to bring additional value by combining the small- and large-molecule worlds together with contract services,” commented Rutger Oudejans, brand director at UBM, in a press release. He added, “It is firstly to provide an ecosystem to bring together the bio development and manufacturing sectors. But it also enables companies and professionals involved across the full pharma value chain of both small- and large-molecule to learn from each other and evolve new strategies to overcome the challenges in bio processing and manufacturing.”


UBM is the parent company of Pharmaceutical Technology, Pharmaceutical Technology Europe, and BioPharm International.