Trianni in License Agreement with Nkarta for Trianni Mouse

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The transgenic mouse R&D platform will support the discovery of fully-human monoclonal antibodies.

Trianni, a San Francisco, CA-based privately held biotech company specializing in antibody discovery technology, has entered into a license agreement with Nkarta, another San Francisco-based biotechnology company specializing in cancer therapeutics based on natural killer cells, for the use of the Trianni Mouse, a transgenic mouse R&D platform for the discovery of fully-human monoclonal antibodies. The agreement supports Nkarta’s antibody-based therapeutic discovery programs, the companies announced in a March 10, 2020 press release.

“[Trianni] is pleased to add [Nkarta] as a new licensee of the Trianni Mouse,” stated Matthias Wabl, PhD, Trianni’s president and CEO, in the press release. “We are confident that combining “[Trianni]’s powerful antibody discovery platform with [Nkarta]’s unique proprietary technology will facilitate [Nkarta]’s development of novel cell-based therapeutics.”


Source: Trianni